DBEternity’s FAQ

This is my domain.

Frequently asked questions on Instagram or elsewhere that are either asked enough times to annoy me, or that are very important and unanswerable elsewhere on the internet without the help of an expert, will be answered as blog posts. In most cases, it shall be the former.

For other, more general questions, this page will be used. If you have a question that is worthy enough to be answered, leave it here! I will be glad to help.

If you wish to contact me directly, you can KIK me @david_andress.

Happy Asking/Answering!

Please note that I will not answer stupid questions.

David (Dragon Ball Eternity) DBZE


4 comments on “DBEternity’s FAQ

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  3. so is the 6 week long run of the 3 billion yen mark doesn’t count as of today since they wanted make that money within the 6 weeks for dbz Battle of gods , because you kind of threw me off, “Battle of Gods- Week Six Figures”, wouldn’t you normally post that at the end of the sixth week, since technically we’re still on the sixth week, or are you just showing its progress as we’re approaching the end of the sixth week, BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW

    • It was the sixth weekend, not week.
      That post was published before completion, it was an error. Besides, I didn’t write it, so why you’re asking me, I don’t know.

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